Wednesday, 1 March 2017

General Meeting

Grand Union Place - General Residents Meeting Wednesday 15 March, 7.00 - 8.30pm Dear residents, The next general meeting is scheduled and we would very much appreciate your attendance to help us improve the quality of service and care across the estate. We do not feel the promises made by East Thames at the last meeting have been fulfilled and we will be pressing forward for distinct improvements. The local Police will be present for the first 10-15 minutes to give an update on e.g. anti-social behaviour, after that the focus of the meeting will be on East Thames and failures of delivery: • Communication - is still very poor and improved comms would have massive positive impact - At the last meeting local surgeries were suggested to address repairs - no progress or visibility of this at all • Contracted timelines not being met - e.g. still months to fix priority items like security gates when internal timeline is days / weeks - E.g. Tramway court carpark gates have not been working since November last year • Double-digit service increases of circa 15%+ being charged annually despite poor service and repeated failures - How do East Thames justify inflation-busting increases while still failing to meet basic service level requirements? Please come along to support the team. We want to keep the attention & focus on the big picture and intend to ask East Thames why promises made at the last meeting have been broken, and be clear we are no longer willing to accept the poor service of the last 9 years and will be looking to escalate action without immediate improvements. Your presence will help send the message this is no longer acceptable to the residents of Grand Union Place. Thanks in advance, GUPRA committee.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Important Information

1. Security patrols
Today I met with Shaique and Supervisor from Enigma Security services.
The security patrols will be covering 2 weeknights and 1 night at the weekend
(variable nights) from 6pm to 2am and commencing next Tuesday 27/9/2016...
for three weeks.
They will focus mainly on the canalside and memorial area, stairwells and
Candle Street and White Tower Way but will also be checking courtyards.
To be more effective there will be two security guards instead of the one
originally planned. The cost will be divided between residents which for this
three week period will be approx. £4-6 per household (will be on our annual
service charge as a one off for the year).
Any future strategic planning of security will be fully discussed with residents
before any implementation and we will start to do this at our next GUPRA
general residents meeting on 9th November
2. St Dunstans and Stepney police ward panel meeting
On Wednesday 21/9/2016 I attended the above meeting which was good. The
new acting police Sergeant is very pro-active and a number of things are
happening. His promises and priorities to ward residents are; –
 High speed vehicles – measures already put in place include: signed
agreement with car hire firms; use of new speed guns; in discussion with
highways re traffic calming measures
 ASB – if we ring 101 there is a min-bus which can be deployed to the
area to move people on or arrest if appropriate (started last week
 Tackling Drug issues
The SNT will be working closely with the security and will also be doing more
patrols themselves on GUP, both in uniform or plain clothes.
It is important that we as residents work closely with the SNT. At the meeting
yesterday residents had provided photographic evidence of youths causing ASB
and also of a motorbike. We need to get number plates of suspicious cars so the
SNT can follow up, either by photo or writing the number and emailing over.
SNT should be contacted on 0208 721 2808 or by email on
I will inform you the date of next ward panel meeting.
I have invited SNT to attend our general residents meeting in November to
discuss results, further developments and to answer any queries from residents.
We look forward to some peace and quiet being restored to GUP

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Contents Insurance information - from Shaique

I attended a content insurance seminar recently, which was very interesting and something residents could take advantage of for their homes and personal belongings. East Thames is now working with 'My Home Insurance Scheme' who is providing a special contents insurance for all East Thames Tenants only, this went live on Monday;

Contact details: 0345 450 7288

* Flexible regular premium payments, fortnightly or monthly by cash at any post office or pay zone outlet, monthly by direct debit, annually by cheque, postal order, debit or credit card
*Quick and easy to apply for cover over the phone or by requesting a form or a call back using the contact page.
*No Excess – you don’t have to pay the first part of the claim.
*There are no minimum property security requirements.
*All social housing tenants and residents of East Thames are eligible to apply regardless of tenure type.
*Cover is provided on a new for old basis with no deduction for wear and tear – except in respect of linen and clothing.
*Cover is offered in bands of £1,000 starting at £6,000 for tenants aged 60 and over and from £9,000 for all other tenants. The maximum sum insured available is £35,000.
*Cover includes Theft, Fire, Storm, Water Damage, Flood and Accidental damage to items such as hobs, sanitary ware such as toilets and washbasins as well as fixed glass in furniture, doors and windows.
*There is no quibble over bike thefts from car parks - which is great for bike owners - please ask for this additional service.

I hope you find the above useful.

Kind regards